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10:30am Promiseland Kids ages 3-14
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Today Rev. Norberto Wolf leads us in exploring Psalm 139, a psalm of comfort and assurance that is anchored in the faithfulness of God. Our church family also gives thanks to God today for his faithfulness to Rev. Norberto & Dianne Wolf over the course of their 50 years of ordained ministry.

Bible Verse: Psalm 139

Pastor Dan Brink gives our Thanksgiving meditation called “Three Reasons for Thanksgiving”.

Bible Verse: Psalm 65

Last week we talked about how the gospel spreads from place to place: “from Jerusalem … to Judea & Samaria … and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Today we will talk about how the gospel is passed from generation to generation. This transmission of the gospel is of utmost importance – for the salvation of your kids & grandkids, for the well-being of the church, and for the plan of God for history. And every single person here today has a vital part to play in this process!

Bible Verse: Psalm 71

Today Pastor Dan begins a new series on Biblical Foundations.” The idea is not simply to study a single text or a book of the Bible, but to examine some foundational Bible doctrines that provide a firm foundation for a Christian worldview. Hopefully these messages will build your understanding of the faith, and also whet your appetite for disciplined reading of the Bible and further study. Maybe some of these messages you will want to share with a friend.

Bible Reading: Psalm 19

Today Pastor Bonny will be continuing our summer sermon series called “Meet Me at the Mountain” with an encouraging passage from Psalm 84 that focuses on Mount Zion, the city of our God. The psalmist encourages us to keep our eyes on meeting God in the heavenly city, and drawing from God’s strength as we make the journey. Even when we pass through the valleys – the tough stuff of life – we trust in God to be our guide, and to never lose sight of his mountain climbers

Bible Verse: Psalm 84

Pastor Dan Brink brings the message today on this Gems and Cadets Sunday.

Message: Psalm 119:9-16

Today Pastor Bonny continues our studies about some “holy habits” that should mark our lives.  We’re calling it Stuff Christians Do.  Today we talk about Confessing Our Sin Both the Old and New Testaments teach the importance of confessing our sins before God as a first step of salvation, and a regular habit to ensure fellowship with God.  It requires honesty and humility before God and others, which is not always easy for us.

Message: Psalm 32

This morning Pastor Brink continues our studies about some “holy habits” that God wants us to do on a regular basis.  We’re calling it Stuff Christians Do.  Today we’ll talk about being devoted worshipers.  And we should all be asking ourselves: Does this describe me?  How would I do it better or more consistently?  Maybe you need God’s help, or perhaps a mentor or accountability partner.  Let’s grow in the Lord together.

Message: Psalm 98

Today is the first Sunday of a New Year.  Before us lies an unknown journey.  How will we find our way? the psalmist says: “Your World is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”  (Psalm 119:105).  Today Pastor Brink will explain why we should make God’s Word the foundation of our life, and, practically speaking, how we can do that.

Message: Psalm 19

Pastor Dan Brink gives this years Thanksgiving Meditation. A simple request that God will smile on us and that all the nations and peoples praise Him.

Message: Psalm 67

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