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This morning Pastor Brink continues our summer series, “Kingdom Come!” The promise of the Kingdom of God is “shalom” – “peace,” “a well-ordered world.” But the actual world we live in today is painfully distant from that dream. Why is it taking so long? Today we will learn some of God’s reasons, and we will learn some things about the work that God has yet to do before Jesus returns.

Bible Verse: Colossians 1:3-14

This morning Pastor Brink continues our summer series, “Kingdom Come!” Sometimes we work and worry as if everything depends on us. Isn’t that true? Like Martha in Luke 10, we’ are often “anxious and troubled about many things.” Today Jesus will teach us how to live well as citizens of the Kingdom of God and members of the Family of God. He calls us to trust more, worry less, and seek God’s Kingdom first. And when we actually do this, the benefits are astonishing!

Matthew 6:25-34

This morning Pastor Brink continues our summer series, “Kingdom Come!” Today we learn how, after our sin and rebellion, God stepped into the middle of the muddle with unexpected and undeserved grace. God resolved to have a family – children who love him and strive to be like him. Are you part of that “forever family” through Christ? Or are you part of the “other family”? Your actions and affections will likely give you some clues about your family identity. This is urgent stuff.

Bible Verse: I John 3:1-15

This morning Pastor Brink continues our summer series, called “Kingdom Come!” That is also our theme for Summer Family Nights, which explains the castle in our Worship Center. Last week we saw God in Genesis 1 as “The King of Creation.” Today in Genesis 3 we discover, sadly, that there is “Rebellion in the Kingdom.” There is “a snake in the grass,” and today we learn not only what Satan did, but also how he continues to operate in our lives today.

Bible Verse:  Genesis 3:1-7

This morning Pastor Brink begins a Sunday morning series based on our summer theme: “Kingdom Come!” (Hence the gigantic castle you see in our Worship Center today.) We start today by seeing how God revealed his glory and established his rule at the dawn of creation. It is truly an awe-inspiring story in which we are called to play an important and privileged role.

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:1 – 2:32

Last week we talked about how the gospel spreads from place to place: “from Jerusalem … to Judea & Samaria … and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Today we will talk about how the gospel is passed from generation to generation. This transmission of the gospel is of utmost importance – for the salvation of your kids & grandkids, for the well-being of the church, and for the plan of God for history. And every single person here today has a vital part to play in this process!

Bible Verse: Psalm 71

Today we continue on a well-planned journey: from Jesus’ ascension … to a praying church … to the Spirit poured out … to the global mission.  And Jesus invites US to be on this journey with him. Nothing could be more important or more exciting. Don’t miss the boat! As you listen to the message today, ask yourself some questions like these:

What does God want me to say ‘Yes” to today?

What barriers or excuses have I put in the way?

Would my life be better or worse if I gave myself fully to Jesus & his cause?


Bible Verse: Luke 14:15-24

Today is the Day of Pentecost, when The Holy Spirit was poured out on all believers.  In this message we will examine why we need The Holy Spirit, what it means to be “filled with the Spirit,”  and how we can cooperate with God to make that happen.

Bible Verse: Ephesians 5:15-20

Today we stand between two vitally important church holidays: Ascension Day and Pentecost. Ascension Day was that day, 40 days after Easter, when Jesus was taken up to heaven. Pentecost Sunday was 10 days later, the day when the exalted Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit on all the believers, launching the global mission and resulting in the explosive growth of the church. In today’s message, entitled “The Secret of the Ten Days,” Pastor Brink will help us understand some of the connections between these two days. The focus will be on sustained communal prayer and how that is connected to the power of the Holy Spirit still today.

Bible Verse: Luke 24:45-53

This morning Pastor Brink will help us focus on a story from the post-Easter season. It’s a story found both at the end of the gospel of Luke and the beginning of the book of Acts. It’s a story much neglected by the contemporary church, yet really central to our understanding of Christ and of our place in history.

Bible Verse: Luke 1:1-11

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