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On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Brink’s message could be subtitled Why I Am a Christian, and Why You should Be Too!” Lots of people know that Jesus is the center of the Easter story, and some know he’s at the center of the Bible. But many fail to see that Jesus is the centerpiece of history. Today Pastor Brink will tell us Five Things that are Utterly Unique about Jesus. This is a message that will build your faith, and it may also help you share the gospel with a neighbor.

Bible Verse:  Matthew 27:62-66 and 28:11-15

This year for Lent we’re pondering the question . Who Is this Jesus?”  On the first Palm Sunday, pretty much everyone got it wrong, except Jesus.  He knew who he was, and what he was sent to do.  And he did it!  He made a way for us to be reconciled to God.  Today he invites us to receive his saving grace, and to share it with others.

Bible Verse:  Matthew 21:12-17

Today Pastor Brink concludes (at least for now) our Biblical Foundations series.  The goal has been to provide building blocks for understanding the Bible at a deeper level, and to develop a more mature faith and Christian worldview. Today we consider “The Providence of God.”  a most re-assuring and comforting doctrine. Especially for those who suffer.

Bible Verse:  Matthew 6:25-34

Today Pastor Dan continues our seasonal sermon series, called Christmas Is a War Story. Today we will examine another demonic plot to derail God’s plan of salvation and restoration. We will learn that it’s not possible to curse what God has blessed; God will do what he has promised. Even those far from God sometimes advance his purposes and are drawn to his light.

Bible Verse: Numbers 24:15–19 and Matthew 2:1-2

Today Pastor Brink continues our seasonal series. It’s called Christmas Is a War Story.” Today we will see how, when God makes a move, so does the devil. But, thankfully, we will also see that, when the devil makes a move, so does God. And God is smarter and stronger than the devil; God will fulfill his purposes and plans. We will examine how this works out in salvation history, in the life of Moses and Jesus, but we will also learn about the battle for our own hearts and lives.

Bible Verse: Exodus 1:22 – 2:10 and Matthew 2:13-18

Today Pastor Brink starts a new series for the season.  It’s called “Christmas Is a War Story.”  We’ll be examining God’s battle to rescue us from our ancient enemy and bring salvation to the world.  It’s a serious story, and sadly there have been many casualties.  And the battle continues to this day.  Our prayer is that these lessons would make us more grateful, but also more vigilant and more effective as the foot soldiers of the kingdom.  It is a great season to bring a guest to church.

Bible Verse: Genesis 3:1-15, Matthew 1:18-23

In light of today’s focus on the church & our shared ministry, Pastor Brink will reflect on the unchanging faithfulness of God through the ages. Our text will show us why we have reason for hope, not just for this church called Rosewood, but also for the generation-to-generation transmission of the gospel until every last, lost child of God is gathered in.

Bible Verse: Matthew 16:13-18

Today Pastor Brink returns to the “Meet Me at the Mountain” summer series with a “fly-over” view of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  From Jesus, we learn a new way of holiness and are reminded of the critical choice we have to not only listen but to live in the humble, justice-seeking and self-sacrificial way of the Savior.  Come sit at the foot of the mountain and drink in all of the wisdom that Jesus offers to His followers.

Bible Reading:  Matthew 5-7

Today we join Jesus on a mountainside where thousands of hungry people gathered. The story begins by noting Jesus’ compassion for immense human need; and out of Jesus’ compassionate heart flowed a miracle. The editors of the Bible entitle the story “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand.” But it’s really a story about how Jesus empowers his disciples to minister to the needs of others. What we find here is a blueprint for the compassionate ministry of Jesus’ followers today.

Bible Reading: Matthew 14:13-21

Today Pastor Brink continues our series entitled “People Who Loved Jesus.”  For this years Easter message.

Message: 28:1-10

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