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For some weeks now, we have been studying the first four books of the New Testament, called “The Gospels.” These books were written to answer this basic and foundational question: Who Is This Jesus? In today’s story, we meet Jesus as the builder of the new community, also called “the church” and “the family of God.” We will note several different responses to Jesus, and we will see how our convictions about Jesus shape both our identity in this world and our destiny in the world to come. God is gracious to those who seek and serve him!

Mark 3:20-35

Today Pastor Bonny continues with our series Who Is This Jesus?  In today’s story, we are amazed along with the crowd when Jesus demonstrates His divinity by declaring a man’s sins forgiven and then healing his body.  Jesus discerned his deeper need, not just the obvious one, and offered his new life that would outlast his earthly body.  Jesus is still in the soul-healing business today; what does He see when He looks inside you?  What is your deepest need?
Bible Verse:  Mark 2:1-12

In this Lenten season, we are considering this question: Who Is This Jesus?  In today’s story, we contemplate a title which was given to Jesus by his enemies: Friend of Sinners.”  They intended this as an insult and an accusation, but Jesus embraced it as the truth.  Jesus IS a “Friend of Sinners.”  That’s the anchor of our hope.


Bible Verse: Mark 2:13-17

Today Pastor Brink begins a new series that will take us through Lenten season and to Easter.  The series is entitled: Who Is This Jesus?”  Surely Jesus has been talked about written about more than anyone who has ever walked this earth.  But what are the most crucial things that the gospel writers, Jesus’ friends, wanted us to know about him?  In this season, we will likely be reminded of some things we already know, but perhaps we will also called to see a bigger picture of Jesus and to develop a closer walk with Him.

Bible Verse:  Mark 1:21-28

Do you ever feel swamped, overwhelmed by life – like it’s a survival exercise that you might not survive? If so, you’re not alone. From Noah’s flood, to the Red Sea, to the Jordan River, to the Sea of Galilee, to the broken & messed up world we live in today, God’s people have often had “that sinking feeling” – like, “Life is too hard, my burdens too heavy, the storms too severe. I’m not going to make it!” Then fear & despair set in. But the good news God wants you to hear is this: He is with us!

Bible Reading: Mark 6:45–53

What many people in today’s world long for is to be noticed – for people around us to stop and really look, listen, and show that they care or even know that we’re there.  Today Pastor Bonny will be preaching about Jesus and how he took the time to notice those who felt “un-noticed” – specifically a woman who had been suffering for more than a decade.  She wanted to remain anonymous, but Jesus searched until he found her and blessed her.  Jesus notices you today and offers you his life-giving touch.  After encountering Jesus, we can give notice to others in his name and invite them into the loving family of God.

Bible Reading: Mark 5:24b-34

Today Pastor Brink continues with our mini-series entitled “People Who Loved Jesus.”  Today we meet a woman who was ready to give her all to Jesus – to the point that other people thought she was crazy.  Has anything like that ever happened to you?  And if not, why not?

Message:  Mark 14:1-9

Pastor Brink continues our series on “The Cross of Christ.” Today we will be reminded that there was not only a cross for Christ to bear; there is also a cross for us to bear.  And there is no way of escaping this if you want to be Christian.  The way of discipleship IS the road of the cross.

Message: Mark 8:31-38

Today Pastor Brink begins a challenging summer sermon series about “Flying Upside Down!” The point of the series is that Christianity is counter-cultural. If you read, for example, The Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew 5-7), you will see again and again how Jesus takes the values of the world and turns them on their head. And perhaps this should not surprise us, since at the center of the Christian message there is a cross. The cross of Christ, of course – but also a life of cross-bearing for all who follow Him. So this summer we will look at some of the challenging differences that are part of the Christian life. And we will discover that after you get use to flying upside down, you realize it’s actually right-side up.

Message: Mark 8:31-39

Today Pastor Dan continues the series “Foundations For a Healthy Church.” It’s based on the Bible, of course; but in this series we will also be looking back at “Core Values” that our Rosewood council adopted many years ago. A brochure explaining these “Core Values” is enclosed in this bulletin. We always distribute this info in our New Members Class; we think it will be beneficial to reinforce these foundational biblical principles with the whole church.

Core values are not simply a statement of what we believe; they’re more a statement about how we do life together. Every organization has core values, and though they are sometimes unwritten they always shape the life of that organization. Hopefully as we talk about our “Core Values” together, Bible in hand, you will say: “Yes, that’s what our church is really like!” Or better yet: “This is why I love being part of Rosewood!”

Message: Mark 2:13-17

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