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Today we start a new series for Lent, entitled: Following Jesus … with Peter. You might call it a character study of Peter, one of the best known (and surely the most outspoken) of Jesus’ disciples. But then again, Jesus is always the main character, is he not? Our goal is to follow him. So as we examine stories of Jesus & Peter, my prayer is that we become part of these stories, growing in our obedience and our assurance that Jesus can use us too, faults & all

Bible Verse: Luke 5:1-11

Christmas Eve meditation by Pastor Dan Brink

Bible Verse: Luke 2:15-19

Today we will continue our study of The Lord’s Prayer, as Pastor Bonny will help us focus on the request, “Give us today our daily bread.” In a land of abundance, how often do we even consider that all we have – food, clothes, homes – are provided by our Heavenly Father. Jesus teaches us to pray for the basics that we need (vs. what we think we need), as a daily reminder of God’s great faithfulness.

Bible Verse: Matthew 6:11 and Luke 12:22-31

Today we continue on a well-planned journey: from Jesus’ ascension … to a praying church … to the Spirit poured out … to the global mission.  And Jesus invites US to be on this journey with him. Nothing could be more important or more exciting. Don’t miss the boat! As you listen to the message today, ask yourself some questions like these:

What does God want me to say ‘Yes” to today?

What barriers or excuses have I put in the way?

Would my life be better or worse if I gave myself fully to Jesus & his cause?


Bible Verse: Luke 14:15-24

Today we stand between two vitally important church holidays: Ascension Day and Pentecost. Ascension Day was that day, 40 days after Easter, when Jesus was taken up to heaven. Pentecost Sunday was 10 days later, the day when the exalted Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit on all the believers, launching the global mission and resulting in the explosive growth of the church. In today’s message, entitled “The Secret of the Ten Days,” Pastor Brink will help us understand some of the connections between these two days. The focus will be on sustained communal prayer and how that is connected to the power of the Holy Spirit still today.

Bible Verse: Luke 24:45-53

This morning Pastor Brink will help us focus on a story from the post-Easter season. It’s a story found both at the end of the gospel of Luke and the beginning of the book of Acts. It’s a story much neglected by the contemporary church, yet really central to our understanding of Christ and of our place in history.

Bible Verse: Luke 1:1-11

The Gospels in the New Testament were written to answer a basic and foundational question: Who Is This Jesus? In today’s story, we meet Jesus as the friend and mentor of two sisters, Martha and Mary, whom the Bible tells us Jesus loved. Witness their journey as disciples of Jesus whose lives were transformed by his life-changing, freedom-giving presence. Jesus also wants a relationship with each one of us, with our unique gifts and personalities.

Bible Verse: Luke 10:38-42

We’ve been looking together, for a season, at the first four books of the New Testament, called “The Gospels;” and we have been asking this question: Who Is This Jesus?  In today’s story, Pastor Brink will explain how Jesus picks up on some Old Testament commands and promises, and then claims to be the One in whom God’s plan is fulfilled. He is The Jubilee Bringer! It’s a pretty revolutionary word, so buckle your seat belts today and strap on your crash helmets. This is one of those passages that may “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” And most of us fall into the camp of the comfortable.

Bible Verse: Luke 4:14-30

This year for Lent, we’re pondering this question: Who Is This Jesus?”  In today’s story, Jesus is revealed as The Storm Master.”  The Almighty God who comes alongside us in the storms of life with power to save.  Since we are weak creatures living in a stormy world, it’s very important to develop a closer walk with Jesus, don’t you think?

Bible Verse:  Luke 8:22-25

Today’s story is about one of Jesus’ last appearances to his disciples before ascending into heaven from the Mount of Olives. In this story, it is apparent that Jesus wants his disciples – and us – to have a very clear understanding of God’s plan and our mission.

Bible Verse: Luke 23:44-53

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