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Dan Bring gives a Christmas Meditation

Message: John 1:6-7, 29

On Sunday morning this summer, we’re studying the same theme as the children on Wednesday evenings – just at a little deeper level.  We’re talking about what Jesus has done for us lately, since his ascension into heaven.  Today Pastor Brink explains one of the best promises in the Bible: Jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven!

Message: John 14:1-6

Today Pastor Brink continues our summer sermon series, “Jesus at Work Today.” We are talking about how Jesus is active all over the world today, including on our church and in our daily lives, precisely because he left this world and ascended into heaven.  Today we are talking about the gift of the Holy Spirit – a gift Jesus knows you need and wants to increase in you.
Message: John 14:15-27

Today, looking at the story of Mary Magdalene, Pastor Brink will talk about “The Unfinished Business of Easter.” It is obvious that Mary Magdalene had unfinished business, but it turns out  Jesus also has unfinished business this side of Easter, and so do we.

Message: John 20:1-2 , 11-18


Pastor Dan Brink continues our series on “The Cross of Christ.”  Today we will consider the magnetic power of the cross – how we are drawn to Christ by the sheer moral beauty of His self-sacrificial love.  Hopefully you will also be able to see the moral beauty of Christ reflected in others here at Rosewood today – maybe even in yourself.  You see, Jesus calls us to follow Him, and He says the we are not fully trained until we are like our Master.

Message: John 12:20-33

Pastor Dan Brink

Message: John 21:15-23

Pastor Brink continues today to dig up “golden nuggets” from the Gospel of John, which has been our focus in recent weeks. Today’s story is about an appearance of the Risen Lord to His disciples, It’s story not just about the disciples of long ago, but also about us today. It’s a story about the church in mission under the direction of Jesus.

Message: John 21:1-14

Pastor Brink continues today to dig up “golden nuggets” from the Gospel of John, which has been our focus in recent weeks. Today’s story is about Jesus and His mother, but it’s also so much more than that! It;s about “the new family” that has been established through the blood of the cross. The “beloved community” was God’s plan from the beginning and it will be His grand accomplishment in the end; but it is also our blessed privilege (and responsibility) today.

Message: John 19:25-27

In recent weeks our pastors have preached on “The I AMs,” a collection of Jesus’ sayings found in the gospel of John. Today Pastor Brink is going back to pick up a gem of a story about a blind man who met Jesus.  It’s related, actually, to Jesus’ claim: “I AM the Light of the World.”

Message: John 9

Pastor Bonny continues the sermon series on “The I AM,” a collection of Jesus’ sayings (found in the gospel of John) in which He explains both who He is and why we need Hom. Today we look at the claim: I AM the Good Shepherd!  As our Divine Shepherd, Jesus invites us — his sheep — into a relationship in which he knows us by name, loves us, protects us, leads us and even lays down his life for us.  His desire is that none should perish.

Message: John 10:11-21

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