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The season of Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday, and continues for the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. Many Christians take this time to focus on the sacrifice of Christ and what that means in their own lives. Today Pastor Bonny will explore with us the prayer of Jesus near the end of his life that his disciples would be sanctified (set apart, made holy) and protected as they are sent out to share the Gospel. What does sanctification look like for you? What might your focus be during this Lenten season? Where do you need to grow?

Bible Verse: John 17:13-19

Today Pastor Brink wraps up the series on prayer that we started last Fall. It’s called “Lord, Teach Us to Pray!” Today we reflect one more time on the Lord’s Prayer, and on some of the ways it can enrich our personal prayer lives. The goal, of course, is that we will grow in prayer in this new year.

Bible Verse: Matthew 6:9-13 and John 14:12-14

Special guest give the sermon today.

Today Pastor Brink continues with our Lenten series, entitled Who Is This Jesus?”  In today’s story, we find Jesus doing the unthinkable for the unworthy, then calling us to do the same.  It’s definitely a radical story, one that could and should change our lives. Listen carefully and prayerfully today, and ask God to show you what role(s) he is asking you to play in the drama.  You might be surprised.
Bible Verse:  John 13:1-17

Today Pastor Bonny will focus on the amazing grace that Jesus showers on sinners – including you and me. How can we respond to such undeserving love? With gratitude that permeates our lives, our attitudes, our behaviors, and the way we treat one another. Such generous grace generates humble thanksgiving and a commitment to live our lives in a way that pleases God and grows us in to mature, contagious Christians.

Bible Reading: John 8:1-11

Pastor Dan Brink gives the Christmas Eve Meditation

Bible Verse: John 1:10-12

Pastor Bonny Mulder-Behnia

Bible Reading: John 4:13-14

Today Pastor Bonny concludes our series about People Who Loved Jesus.  She will focus on Mary Magdalene, who loved and followed Jesus faithfully and was appointed to be a witness to the apostles of his resurrection!

Message: John 20:11-18

Today Pastor Brink continues our series entitled “People Who Loved Jesus.”  Today we meet two men who apparently loved and admired Jesus greatly, but they kept it to themselves because they were afraid what others might think.  Are you like that?  Thankfully, they changed; and you can too!

Message:  John 19:38-42

Prepare the Way of The Lord!  That’s the title of this year’s Advent and Christmas sermon series.  It’s based on stories about John the Baptist.  He was an unusual person with a unique calling from God, But John was mindful of his calling to prepare the way and then strp aside and make room for Jesus to begin his earthly ministry.  We will reflect today on who is greater – Jesus or me – and how that can change.
Message: John 3:22-36

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