Have you ever noticed one size does not fit all in parenting?  Join Jacquelyn Yorkie in learning about the normal emotional development of children and how to interact with children who are at different stages of emotional development.   You will also be encouraged to connect with a child at the emotional level first, and once that has been accomplished, to work on problem solving with them.

Jaclyn Yorkey, MS

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Jaclyn Yorkey specializes in Emotion Focused Therapy for couples, working with children and adolescent developmental issues, helping parents navigate communication, boundary setting, and discipline, Play Therapy, Pre-Marital Counseling, and is a Certified Family Wellness Instructor. She is actively involved in her church helping with marriage enrichment programs and pre-marital classes.


Contact Jaciln Yorkey at http://ciftcounseling.com/staff/jaclynyorkey

Parenting the Whole Brain Child