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In this Lenten season, we are considering this question: Who Is This Jesus?  In today’s story, we contemplate a title which was given to Jesus by his enemies: Friend of Sinners.”  They intended this as an insult and an accusation, but Jesus embraced it as the truth.  Jesus IS a “Friend of Sinners.”  That’s the anchor of our hope.


Bible Verse: Mark 2:13-17

Today Pastor Brink continues with our Lenten series, entitled Who Is This Jesus?”  In today’s story, we find Jesus doing the unthinkable for the unworthy, then calling us to do the same.  It’s definitely a radical story, one that could and should change our lives. Listen carefully and prayerfully today, and ask God to show you what role(s) he is asking you to play in the drama.  You might be surprised.
Bible Verse:  John 13:1-17

Today Pastor Brink begins a new series that will take us through Lenten season and to Easter.  The series is entitled: Who Is This Jesus?”  Surely Jesus has been talked about written about more than anyone who has ever walked this earth.  But what are the most crucial things that the gospel writers, Jesus’ friends, wanted us to know about him?  In this season, we will likely be reminded of some things we already know, but perhaps we will also called to see a bigger picture of Jesus and to develop a closer walk with Him.

Bible Verse:  Mark 1:21-28

Today Pastor Brink concludes (at least for now) our Biblical Foundations series.  The goal has been to provide building blocks for understanding the Bible at a deeper level, and to develop a more mature faith and Christian worldview. Today we consider “The Providence of God.”  a most re-assuring and comforting doctrine. Especially for those who suffer.

Bible Verse:  Matthew 6:25-34

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