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10:30am Promiseland Kids ages 3-14
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Archive for September, 2016

In light of today’s focus on the church & our shared ministry, Pastor Brink will reflect on the unchanging faithfulness of God through the ages. Our text will show us why we have reason for hope, not just for this church called Rosewood, but also for the generation-to-generation transmission of the gospel until every last, lost child of God is gathered in.

Bible Verse: Matthew 16:13-18

Today Pastor Brink will build on last week’s message, which was about “Nurturing Faith in the Next Generation.”  Today we will continue examining the same chapter (Deuteronomy 6) as Pastor Dan explains certain “Obstacles to Faith” – things that can trip us up, make our hearts wander, and diminish our children’s ability to walk with God.

Bible Verse:  Deuteronomy 6:10-25

Today Pastor Brink will talk about one of the most important callings God has given parents: “Nurturing Faith in the Next Generation.”  Thankfully, God has also given this same charge to his church, which is the family of faith. That means we’re in this together! It’s why we’re so invested in teaching kids about the Bible and helping them develop a close walk with God on the journey of life. Today you will learn some things about why we do what we do (here at Rosewood), but also some things about how you can be a better spiritual mentor for your kids, grandkids, & the children of the church.

Bible Verse:  Deuteronomy 6:1-9

It’s Labor Day weekend:  A time to thank God for work, and to pray for those who need jobs…or better jobs.  It’s a time we associate with the start of a new school year, which is the work God has called many of us to do.  It’s also time to gear up for a new church year.  Whatever our calling, God wants us to find joy and contentment in the assignments he gives us.  Lots of people never find much joy and contentment, even though the may work hard and have a lot of money.  Today Pastor Brink will tell us, from God’s word, how we can cultivate contentment.

Bible Verse:  Ecclesiastes 5:18-20

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