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Archive for July, 2015

This morning Pastor Brink shows us another remarkable way in which Jesus is working on our behalf.  From his throne in heaven, Jesus both watches over us and prays for us.  “Interceding for us at God’s right hand” – that’s how Paul puts it in romans 8:34.  Pretty amazing thought, isn’t it?  What better prayer partner could you have than Jesus? Today he is “standing in the gap” for you!

Message: I John 2:1, Hebrews 7:23, Romans 8:33-34

Today Pastor Brink continues our summer series, “Jesus at Work Today.” Today we will consider questions like: Does God still speak to people today? If so, how so? And how can we ourselves have that “closer walk with God” today? How do we avoid being gullible, or being deceived, or being presumptuous in claiming divine revelation? It is hard to imagine anyone not being interested in this topic. If you know someone who needs to hear this message, why not send them the link, so they can hear it for themselves? Then you can discuss it with them later.

Message: Acts 16:6-10

Today Pastor Brink continues our summer sermon series, “Jesus at Work Today.” Part of Jesus’ work today is equipping God’s people for ministry. That Means: you’re not supposed to be simply a recipient of grace; you are also called to be a channel of grace!  Each Believer has the Spirit of God and is gifted to be the work of God.  Perhaps the thought of “more work” ain’t initially appealing, but believe me – there’s nothing better than serving Jesus & blessing others!  It’s when we give that we receive the most.  And it’s in doing Jesus’ work that we often meet Jesus.

Message:  Ephesians 4:7-13

Today Pastor Brink continues our summer sermon series, “Jesus at Work Today.” We are talking about how Jesus is active all over the world today, including on our church and in our daily lives, precisely because he left this world and ascended into heaven.  Today we are talking about the gift of the Holy Spirit – a gift Jesus knows you need and wants to increase in you.
Message: John 14:15-27

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