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10:30am Promiseland Kids ages 3-14
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Archive for June, 2015

This morning Pastor Brink begins a series of messages on our summer theme, “Jesus at Work Today.”  We will be talking about how jesus is active all over the world today, including in our church and in our daily lives, precisely because he left this world and ascended to the heavenly throne.  Even if we cannot see Him,  His fingerprints are everywhere.  And hopefully you will hear His voice today.
Message: Acts 1:1-11

Today Pastor Brink finishes (at least for now) our mini-series from the Book of Proverbs.  One of the things wisdom teaches us is that we are not really in control of the world, even in those times when we think we are.  Sad and bad things happen.  Sin and suffering happen.  We encounter both unplanned successes and unexpected disappointments.  But over it all stand Almighty God!  The world is in his hands, and he has a plan.  We are also in his hands, and his realization may bring us comfort even when we have no idea what in the world God is doing.  Today’s message will help you live in that comfort!

Message: Proverbs 16

Today Pastor Brink continues our studies from Proverbs.  If last week’s theme was “Be Wise” or “Seek Wisdom”, then this week’s theme is really “Be Teachers of Wisdom’s Way” or “Impart Wisdom to Your Children.”  It’s a great and challenging word for parents and grandparents today, but it’s also a good word for the whole community of faith, as one of our central assignments from God is to pass on the faith to the children and youth of our church and our community.  Hopefully you will hear God’s call today!
Message:   Proverbs 4

Today Pastor Brink begins a 3-part exploration of the book of Proverbs.  Proverbs is part of a genre of biblical writing called “wisdom literature.”  The book offers wisdom about a thousand different topics, sometimes seemingly randomly intermixed.  Today we will scratch the surface & outline the central theme of the book:

“The Quest for Wisdom”

Message: Proverbs 9

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