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Archive for March, 2015

Today Pastor Brink continues our Lenten studies about “The Cross of Christ,”  which is the centerpiece of biblical faith.  We will explore the secrets of Jesus’ perseverance in suffering, with the hope that we may also learn how to persevere in the cross-bearing to which Jesus has called us.

Message: Hebrews 12:1-3


Pastor Dan Brink continues our series on “The Cross of Christ.”  Today we will consider the magnetic power of the cross – how we are drawn to Christ by the sheer moral beauty of His self-sacrificial love.  Hopefully you will also be able to see the moral beauty of Christ reflected in others here at Rosewood today – maybe even in yourself.  You see, Jesus calls us to follow Him, and He says the we are not fully trained until we are like our Master.

Message: John 12:20-33

Pastor Brink continues our series on “The Cross of Christ.” Today we will be reminded that there was not only a cross for Christ to bear; there is also a cross for us to bear.  And there is no way of escaping this if you want to be Christian.  The way of discipleship IS the road of the cross.

Message: Mark 8:31-38

Today Pastor Brink continues our studies on The Cross of Christ.”  The cross is the centerpiece of the Bible, and in this season leading up to Good Friday & Easter we are, figuratively speaking, walking around the cross and looking at it from a variety of angles.

Message: Colossians 2:13-15

Today Pastor Bonny continues the new Lenten series of messages entitled The Cross of Christ.  The cross is the centerpiece of the Bible and of the life and ministry of Christ.  Today we will reflect on the necessity for Jesus to make the ultimate sacrifice of his life in order that we might be saved.  For without the shedding of the blood.  The blood of Christ covers all of our sin, thanks be to God!

Message: Hebrews 9:11-22

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