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Archive for February, 2015

Today Pastor Brink begins a new series of messages entitled The Cross of Christ. The cross, of course, is the centerpiece of the Bible and of the life and ministry of Christ. It’s the reason he came – to die for sins that that we might be saved.  Today also happens to be the first Sunday of Lent, a 40-day period that the church has historically set aside for our reflection, preparation, and for the repentance that is necessary to receive the saving benefits of the cross. This season culminates with Good Friday & Easter Sunday.It would be good to be here for worship every week. And maybe God will prompt you to email a friend and paste the link to some message you think might be a blessing to them, or a conversation starter

Message: I Corinthians 1:18-31

Today Pastor Brink concludes our series about Stuff Christians Do. We’ve been talking about some of the most basic & transformative habits of the Christian life. Hopefully you’ve been inspired & equipped to make some changes, and hopefully we won’t leave these lessons in the rear-view mirror after this series is finished. Surely we all know other people who need these messages too. Why not email to a friend the link to some message in this series that blessed you, along with a few personal words of encouragement.

Message: Acts 1:1-8

Today Pastor Bonny continues our studies about some “holy habits” that should mark our lives.  We’re calling it Stuff Christians Do.  Today we talk about Confessing Our Sin Both the Old and New Testaments teach the importance of confessing our sins before God as a first step of salvation, and a regular habit to ensure fellowship with God.  It requires honesty and humility before God and others, which is not always easy for us.

Message: Psalm 32

Today Pastor Brink continues our studies about some “holy habits” that should mark our lives.  We’re calling it Stuff Christians Do.  Today we talk about Giving Generously.  Here are ten good reasons to give:  1) It honors God’s command.  2) It reflects God’s character.  3) It breaks my bondage to materialism.  4) It assures me that I trust God.  5) It empowers God’s mission.  6) It blesses people.  7) It’s fun.  8) It’s the pathway to a life of significance.  9) It’s in my own enlightened self-interest.  10) There is, after all, a final exam.

Message: Matthew 6:19-34

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