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Archive for December, 2014

Even in the midst of the good news of great joy, the holidays can be a difficult time for many.  This morning Pastor Bonny will help us focus on the Savior who came to bring light to the darkness, hope to the hurting, justice to the oppressed, and salvation to the lost.

Message: Matthew 12:15-21

Pastor Brink nears the climax of the Book of Ruth!  The series is “Waiting for God,” and if the last four weeks have been a banquet, we’re saving just a little frosting for the cake on Christmas Eve.  We have moved from the “Bitterness” of Naomi to the “Faith” of Ruth, which opens our eyes to the “Providence” of God, by which we are upheld even when we have no idea what He is doing or why.  Today we see “Redemption” thru Boaz, who is a foreshadowing of Christ.

Message: Ruth 3:1-4:17

Pastor Brink continues our studies on Ruth, a series entitled “Waiting for God: The Season of Advent People.”  We have moved from “Bitterness,” of Naomi ro the “Faith” of Ruth, coming today to the consideration of God’s peculiar “Providence.”  Though we often don’t understand what God is doing, we may be assured He is with us.  And as we grow in faith, we learn to see His fingerprints on our lives and in the world.  Somebody you know needs to hear this message.

Message: Ruth 2

Today Pastor Brink continues our series for the season, called “Waiting for God: The Seasons of Advent People.”  It’s based on the Old Testament book of Ruth.  Today we will move from the “bitterness” of Naomi to the “faith” of Ruth.  Biblical faith, of course, does not mean that all the bitterness of life goes away; it means we decide to trust God anyway,  Confident that He is still on the throne & on the move.  And in that trust and hope we find joy, despite our circumstances.

Message: Ruth 1:15 – 2:12

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