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Archive for June, 2014

Today Pastor Brink begins a challenging summer sermon series about “Flying Upside Down!” The point of the series is that Christianity is counter-cultural. If you read, for example, The Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew 5-7), you will see again and again how Jesus takes the values of the world and turns them on their head. And perhaps this should not surprise us, since at the center of the Christian message there is a cross. The cross of Christ, of course – but also a life of cross-bearing for all who follow Him. So this summer we will look at some of the challenging differences that are part of the Christian life. And we will discover that after you get use to flying upside down, you realize it’s actually right-side up.

Message: Mark 8:31-39

Today Pastor Brink will tell us about a hard-hearted rebel who had no use for God; but God, as turns out, had quite a use for him. His name was Saul; we know him today as “The Apostle Paul.” Today too there are people who don’t believe in God, but God still “ believes” in them. At least He keeps knocking on the door of their heart. Maybe that’s you today. If so, open the door! Or may be you know someone like this. Don’t give up! Keep praying and keep trusting that God is at work! In fact, our God specializes in “hopeless cases.”

Acts 26:9-19

Pastor Bonny will share a story with us today about a person who joyfully seized the God-given opportunities that came his way. By being faithful to God’s call, his life became fruitful and his actions were of everlasting significance. Are we listening for the Spirit’s leading and making the most of the opportunities God sets before us? These are among the keys to a life of significance.

Message: Acts 8:26-40

Pastor Brink will bring us the Pentecost message from God’s Word. It’s not just about history – what happened on Pentecost long ago; it’s also about things that God is doing today – in and around us, in our church, and literally all over the world!

Message: Acts 2:1-4

Pastor Dan Brink

Message: John 21:15-23

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