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Archive for March, 2014

Pastor Brink continues the series on “The I AMs” of Christ, a collection of Jesus’ sayings (from the gospel of John) in which he explains both who he is and why we need him so much. Today we look at the claim: “I AM the light of the World!” These are good words to memorize and contemplate.

Message: John 8:12

Pastor Brink continues the series of studies we began last week. It’s entitled “Who Is This Jesus?” Last week we examined Jesus’ astounding claim to be God – literally, Yahweh – “The Great I AM!” Today we build on that foundation by looking at the “The I AMs” of Christ, a collection of Jesus’ sayings in which he explains more both about who he is and about what he wants for us. Today we look at the claim: “I AM the Bread of Life” – a good word to contemplate, and a good word to hear as we come to the Lord’s table together this morning.

Message:  John 8:21-30, 48-59

Pastor Dan begins a new series “Who Is This Jesus?” The series will examine “The I AMs” of Christ, which are his own self-description.  But today we begin with an introductory message that examines the fundamental claim which stands at the center of Jesus’ life and ministry. This claim of Jesus explains why millions of others killed or reject him.  There’s no middle ground. Waring: we’re gonna dig deep today! But it will be worth the time and effort – perhaps leading you for (or others) to the most important decision we each must make.

Message: John 8:21-30, 48-59


Pastor Brink is continuing our studies on “Psalms That Sing to My Soul.”  Today we will be looking at Psalm 51, a gut-wrenching yet exquisitely beautiful psalm. It’s an jonest psalm – no sugar-coating. And it teaches us to be honest to God, too.  You might learn some things here today that could give your whole life – or your marriage, or family – a new start.  The message is titled “The Tear-Stained Path to Joy” Maybe God will lead you on this path today, or in the week ahead!

Message: Psalm 51


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