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This morning Pastor Brink continues our studies on “Psalms That Sing to My Soul.”  Today we are looking at a psalm that is often called “The Traveler’s Psalm.”  And we are travelers – Travelers on the journey of like.  It’s a psalm both marked by realism and filled with comfort. Maybe it’s one you want to memorize so that you’ll always have it with you.

Message : Psalm 121


This morning Pastor Brink begins a series of messages entitled “Psalms That Sign to My Soul.” Did you know that the book of psalms was the worship manual for the Old Testament saints? And at one time in history of the Christian Reformed Church, the Psalms were the only songs that were sung in church. Children memorized the Psalms in the paraphrased forms used for signing so that they would carry them always in their minds & hearts. Today many believers use the Psalms as a guide for prayer. And they are just as timely and touching today as they were 3,000 years ago. Whether we sing them or not, they still sing to us! So for the next few weeks we will study together some of these Psalms that sing to our souls.

Message: Psalm 11

This morning Pastor Bonny will bring us a challenging and encouraging Word from God about going beyond the typical New Year’s resolution and instead laying our lives open before God and asking God to guide us in setting godly goals, making commitments to change, and moving forward in our spiritual lives. The Apostle Paul reminds us that God is a promise-keeping God and we, too, should be people who keep our word. What promise can you make and keep in this new year?

Message: II Corinthians 1:12-24

This morning Pastor Brink will bring us a challenging and encouraging Word from God about “seizing the day” and about making our lives count for God. Biblical teaching is one of our core values here at Rosewood – you can count on that every Sunday, and also at all levels of our church program. The word of God is the truth that sets us free, and obedience to it is ultimately in our own best interest.

Message: I Corinthians 3:5-15

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